VicLeather Photography Brief

Intent: To allow photographers the creative and artistic credit and flexibility of their art form and work to be expressed, while still delivering the outcomes VicLeather Inc. and associated parties require.

General Events

  • To shoot events (Gear Up, etc) where available to attend.
    • When not available to attend, to inform member of the committee as soon as practical.
  • To produce a minimum of photos from events for use in newsletters and advertising material.
  • Photos are to include a fair cross section of all ages, body shapes and groups of people.
    • Including attendees of any event available and consenting to be photographed.
    • Where photos of a large space to illustrate the mass of people, permission is not needed to be sought, however if someone objects to being in the photo, accommodations are to be made within reason.
  • Photos are to be made available to VicLeather within reasonable time after the event unless requested earlier for newsletter release.
  • The photographer may use the photos for their private online portfolio (with VicLeather logo watermarked or similar) however the photos taken remain the explicit ownership of VicLeather. Therefore, cannot be used by the photographer to make profit from sales of the photo(s).
  • This brief is to be reviewed with each new committee after the AGM.

Moral Rights of Models/Member/Punters

It is the right of a member or any event goer to a VicLeather event to following.

  • The photographer will acquire consent:
    • Before taking the photo.
    • Or in the event of taking a photo in the moment, before photo is released/published.
  • For photographers own online portfolio, photographers should, where possible, acquire further consent of photo participants to be published on portfolio site.
  • It is the right of a member to ask their photo be removed from all media controlled by VicLeather and the photographers.
    • However, members must acknowledge the limitations of the control of images once released in any online medium is limited and images may be reproduced by external parties without VicLeather or the photographer’s knowledge or consent.

Right of Committee for Photographer/Model/Designer

It is the right of the photographer, for creative and artistic integrity, to decide the images they have taken to be publicly released.

It is the rights of the photographer and other personnel involved with media for VicLeather to be acknowledged accordingly.

Examples include:

  • For posters and promotional material, the designer, photographer, and models (where applies) will be credited on the poster and or material directly.
  • For newsletters, any event photography will be credited to the photographer.
    • A credit for any volunteers who assisted in creating, running, or promoting past or future events to be acknowledged.
  • Any event photography in online media to be credited to the photographer.
    • Even in addition to any watermarking on the photos provided.
  • Any nightly announcements made by the committee during a Gear Up or similar, to thank the media team or individuals.
  • For safety of photographer and other media personnel to be identified by lanyards at events.

Kink / Fetish Events in association with VicLeather

It is the role of the photographer while working for or by association with VicLeather at other events, to adhere to the guide lines and rules of any other event organiser and their policy in relation to photography and media release.

  • Where multiple organisations are present (e.g. Fetish Expo), for the photographer of VicLeather to have a lanyard or other clear form of identification visible.
  • Any photo taken the photographer wishes to use for their own portfolio is to be requested by permission of the event organiser and the people in the photo (where possible).

VicLeather media publication of photography

Photography released to VicLeather will only be used in the following ways:

  • Newsletter, only distributed to VicLeather members
  • VicLeather website, gallery images of a non-sexual nature.
  • Facebook, for images of non-sexual nature in a social event, only on the VicLeather controlled page.
  • Archive gallery, for celebratory event viewing only

VicLeather will not tag images of any members via social media to respect members privacy.

All other images released by photographer will not be published directly by VicLeather, but maybe provided to relevant members to post themselves. Once released to the respective members, they will no longer be the responsibility of VicLeather.

Victorian Leather Inc is an incorporated association registered A0057001R in the State of Victoria.
ABN: 91 670 478 614
Copyright VicLeather 2016 - All Rights Reserved.

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