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  • 18 Jun 2018 5:38 PM | Bella (Administrator)

    Please join us at July GearUp to share in a very special evening with Melbourne's very own International Ms Leather 2018 girl Ang and Melbourne's first ever bootblack to compete at IMsBB -  Bootblack KL.

    We are excited to hear stories about their recent experiences competing on the International stage!!! Well done Ang and KL.

    Event Listing

  • 12 Jun 2018 8:35 PM | Bella (Administrator)

    Girl ang has decided to stay on the USA for a little while longer so we have postponed our special event to celebrate the recent achievements of Ang and KL until the July Gear Up on July 27th!

    June GearUp will be on as normal this Friday June 22nd. Come and join us by the fire for some great food and wonderful company.

  • 10 Jun 2018 12:32 PM | Bella (Administrator)

    In the interest of transparency the VLI committee has decided to publish a brief summary and timeline of recent events.

    This statement does not apportion blame or innocence of any party. It only addresses the role the VLI committee could take under the rules of our constitution.(these are published on our website). 

    The committee cannot and will not publish personal names or details of any party involved.

    On the 12th of May 2018 the then president of VLI tendered his resignation as president, stating health and personal issues.

    On the 1st of June 2018 at 5.19 pm VLI received a email from a member requesting the former president of VLI / committee member position be reviewed (The president had already stepped down).

    This email was acknowledged on 2nd of June at 11.21 am.

    VLI received another email on the 1st of June at 7.40 pm demanding a response within 24 hours. This email was in relation to the first email received a couple of hours earlier.

    This email was acknowledged on 2nd of June at 10.15 am.

    When the member in question was made aware that there was a grievance lodged with VLI he tendered his resignation from VLI on the 3rd of June 2018.

    As the constitution of VLI ONLY allows for any action to be taken against its members there was nothing the VLI committee could do as the person in question was no longer a member.

    The matter in now outside the scope of VLI and therefore is closed as to any action VLI could or should take.

    VLI will not enter into any public debate on this matter and any negative or inflammatory comments will be deleted 

    In Leather, 

    VLI Committee

  • 06 Jun 2018 2:11 PM | Bella (Administrator)

    A letter received by VLI from our member boy Paulus. (Shared with permission)

    I would first like to personally thank all committee members for the hard work and many hours you have all put in at this very stressful time.

    Next: I would like to make a statement that I hope you will consider and perhaps post in an attempt to end the current issue of some members from VLI posting their own agenda on social media.

    As members of VLI we have all agreed to abide by the rules of our constitution, we all did this voluntarily when we joined and paid our memberships.

    See Rule 9

    Section 1

    Parts (b) and (c)

    for membership

    (1) To apply to become a member of the Association, a person must submit a written or on-line application to the committee stating that the person—

    (a) wishes to become a member of the Association; and

    (b) supports the purposes of the Association; and

    (c) agrees to comply with these Rules; and

    (d) is a natural person who resides in Victoria

    (e) indicate whether the person wishes their personal information on the register of members to be be kept restricted so that only members of the committee have access for administrative purposes and the general membership is not able to such personal information when a member seeks to inspect the register of members as per section 13 (f).

    As the posting on social media in the current light of things is NOT beneficial to VLI and in direct conflict with VLI values and Code of Conduct I would request all members to stop and desist from this action . These actions are both undermining to the organisation and are prejudicial .




    harmful to someone or something; detrimental.

    VLI is a registered organisation and the committee members are bound under the act to uphold their position in good faith and to the best of their ability. As is each member.

    I believe that we all owe our support to both the organisation and the committee members who serve .

    There are processes in place if you wish challenge any action taken by the committee, but it must be done in accordance with the constitution - not on social media.

    In leather,

    boy Paulus

  • 12 May 2018 5:06 PM | Anonymous

    To the Membership of Vic Leather.  

    It is with a heavy heart that I write this email advising of my resignation from the position as President of VicLeather inc. Due to pressing issues including health management, I will be stepping down immediately to allow the club to continue the work it has done so far in building a vibrant Leather community in Victoria.

    It has been a pleasure and an honour to represent a fantastic group of Leather Folk and a club that is growing from strength to strength – I am proud of all we have achieved from the success of the Leather 101 where a bunch of new folk came to learn about Leather Lifestyle to our representatives and titleholders at International Events around the world. I am proud to have personally represented VLI internationally in New Zealand and America.

    I have learned a lot from my time as President of VicLeather. The local community we have here is strong and on the leading edge of communities around the world. Internationally we are represented well by our titleholders (International Ms Leather girl ang. 1st runner up International Mr Bootblack/Australian Mr Bootlblack 2017/18 Rhys, 1st runner up Mr International Rubber/ Melbourne Rubberman 2016 Liam, 1st runner up Mr International rubber/Melbourne Rubberman 2017 John) and our members who are proud to say they are VLI members when they attend events.

     I learned a lot about myself and how important a local Leather club is for all parts of the community, for those newly coming into Leather and those who had become a bit jaded and wanted to spend time with other like-minded folks in a place where the gender inside the Leather isn’t a deciding factor.

    I would like to thank the committee members past and present that I have worked with in the last 3 years. They have all bought a unique insight into some of the diversity we have in the Leather Community here in Melbourne. This amazing committee will continue as normal to host the events that we have in place (Gear Up etc) and will also be bringing you the events that you have asked for in the future.

    In Leather.

    Hunter Bruin

    VicLeather President 2016-18

  • 25 Jan 2018 1:47 PM | Anonymous

    This Sunday, January 29th 2018, is Midsumma's Pride March, and we're strongly encouraging any member that wants to to march with us this year! This email is to prepare anyone who wishes to march on Sunday, so that things run as smoothly as possible!

    How to get there

    Due to the large crowds of people and less parking than usual due to the closure of Fitzroy St, we're strongly recommending people arrive by Public Transport if that's an option for you. The 3a, 16 and 96 trams will be running normal schedules until 1:30pm, after which they'll stop running down Fitzroy St until approximately 5:30pm (although they will still run, please see this link for further details), and the Route 12 trams to Park St/Fitzroy St St Kilda will operate to a normal timetable. Please be aware that Fitzroy St will be closed between 1:30pm and 5:30pm, so people choosing to drive in should plan their routes accordingly. There is a drop off zone for people at the mustering area on Lakeside Dr (see the map below), but there is no official parking for marchers, so again, drivers plan accordingly.

    Also be aware that there are a much larger number of other road closures this year during and around the march, in particular Beaconsfield Parade and the Esplanade will be closed around the march and Catani Gardens. Please see this link for a full list of road closures and times.

    When & where to meet

    Our marching group will be in Wave F, Group 3 (so F3). All marchers will muster at the Oval nearest St Kilda Sport Club, near the corner of Lakeside Dr and Fitzroy St. You are NOT required to register yourself at the Sports Club this year, so simply head to the Oval and come and find us. There will be marshals on the day to help you find us, so if you do get lost feel free to ask a marshal!

    The VicLeather committee contact on the day will be Lee, so if you have any issues, you can give him a contact on his mobile, 0401 304 434. You can also contact him before the day on the same mobile, or email the committee at info@vicleather.org.au. Two of our members, Tara Nipe and Pup Spicer will be on the ground as well to help people out.

    Our group is required to be at Muster by 1:30pm for a 2:00pm march start, so please make sure to allow extra time so you can get there before the deadline, and Lee will be making sure he's at Muster by 12:30pm. To help you out, here's a map of the March and Muster area:

    Accessibility needs

    The entire march route is wheelchair accessible (as is Catani Gardens at the end of the march). VicLeather will also have a car available during the march, and three seats are currently available for people who'd like to march, but may not physically be able to do so. Due to the limited number of seats, we recommend contacting Lee prior to arriving (on 0401 304 434 or at info@vicleather.org.au) if this is something you are likely to need.

    What to Bring & Wear

    We strongly encourage members marching with us to proudly wear their Leathers for this march, but wearing your Leathers is not required. If you're not wearing your leathers, we'd like to ask that you try to wear Leather colours (so Black, White, Red and Blue) to try and keep our section well-coordinated. Whatever you decide to wear for Pride March, please make sure that it is street legal.

    Current weather forecasts are saying that the weather on the day will be hot and humid, with a top temperature of 39°C. We're recommending people bring their own water (make sure it is not in a glass container, as these are banned this year by City of Port Phillip, see below), and to stay sun smart - make sure to bring sunscreen! We will have sunscreen for people to use on the day as well. There will be places to refill drink bottles at the muster, and at the end of the march route in Catani Gardens. There is limited shade around the muster area, but not in the muster area itself, so do keep this in mind.

    You are welcome to bring Leather Flags if you have any, or anything else you'd like to use to celebrate (but again, keep it street legal), and we will have a number of flags available for people to carry on the day as well. Again, we'd recommend that people bring water, as conditions will be very hot. Since we are marching, we'd recommend that you otherwise try to pack light for the day where possible.

    After the March

    After the march there will be an family event at Catani Gardens from around 3:30pm onwards, which we'll be hanging around for. If you want to see us on the day but aren't up for marching, you're welcome to come find us at Catani Gardens (although again, be aware of road closures around Catani gardens this year). There will be food and music, so do come down and enjoy the festivities!

    With that said, be aware that the City of Port Phillip has placed restrictions on glass bottles and alcohol around the St Kilda foreshore area, so you are not allowed to bring your own alcohol or glass bottles to Pride March or Catani Gardens this year. Midsumma is providing a licensed bar at Catani Gardens where alcohol is available, as well as food trucks to provide non-alcoholic drinks.

    We're looking forward to see our members at the March, or after the March! Again, if you have any concerns at all, please contact the committee at info@vicleather.org.au, or contact Lee on 0401 304 434. We hope to see plenty of our members there!

  • 06 Dec 2017 7:51 PM | Anonymous

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    Scruffy Fella also stocks FellaFlame, candles made with masculine aromas. Leathery, woody, fresh, there’s something for everyone in the aroma range.

    We are super excited to have this local company joining us!! Check out out membership pages to see what the discounts are you receive from our generous sponsors!

  • 23 Nov 2017 6:00 AM | Anonymous
    VicLeather conducted a disciplinary meeting early in November 2017. This was the first and only meeting of this kind that has been held since the creation of VicLeather in 2011

    There were issues identified in the processes involved in this procedure. There was a lot learned in the experience of conducting a disciplinary action for those in the Disciplinary Sub-Committee and the rest of the committee. The safety of our VicLeather members and their friends is always paramount,. Vic Leather wants to provide a safe space in the Leather and Kink/BDSM Communities. That may mean we need to review our own processes, consult with experts in the field for an outside perspective (whilst maintaining our members confidentiality) and then change any procedures that are problematic for those involved. Our prime objective is to ensure  VicLeather is always fair and ethical in our actions.

    Our new disciplinary policy will assist the next disciplinary subcommittee by detailing a clear process to follow if this situation arises again. Emotions can run high for everyone under these circumstances and we believe a policy will minimise an emotional response from the committee if another complaint is received.

    In Leather, 

    The VicLeather Committee. 

  • 21 Nov 2017 1:54 PM | Anonymous
    To our members,

    The Disciplinary hearing mentioned in the public statement for our members at the AGM has been completed on 16/11/17. As per the rules of Association, A Disciplinary Sub-Committee was created to address and resolve the situation as soon as possible.

    In the interests of confidentiality to all involved, we will not be making any further statements on this matter. 

    The safety of our VicLeather tribe and their friends at our events is always paramount. Please come forward if you have any concerns and we will address them. Our Committee is contactable by the contacts page on our website with the individual emails listed there. The Committee also welcomes anyone to come and talk to us in person. We are committed to making sure VicLeather is a safe space for everyone.

    In Leather, 

    Hunter Bruin
    President, VicLeather.

  • 03 Nov 2017 8:42 AM | Anonymous

    Hello VicLeather Members and Friends!

    The new 2017/18 Vic Leather Committee had its first meeting and the Officer and General Committee positions were filled as follows:
    President – Hunter Bruin
    Vice President – Knight Mark
    Secretary – Master Bella
    Treasurer – Lee Davis-Thalbourne
    Membership Liason – Belladonnax
    Events Co-Ordinator – Erin Kyan
    General Committee – Boi Alex, Kevan, Darby.

    Photos are up on the Vic Leather committee tab so you can get to know your committee.

    The new committee are excited to serve Vic Leather and look forward to the upcoming year and what it brings.

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