• 06 May 2017 8:13 PM | Lee (Administrator)

    Our President Hunter has just recently returned from the US, where he, MissKit and our Treasurer Annie attended the International Ms Leather and Bootblack competition! Annie even took the honour of hoisting the Australian flag during the opening ceremony! For those of us not fortunate enough to attend, Hunter has offered the following report:

    On the weekend of the 20-23rd April the International Ms. Leather and International Ms.Bootblack (IMsL/IMsBB) Contest Weekend took place at the Doubletree Hilton in San Jose, California. The Competitions are the spine the weekend is anchored around, but there are many things to do, with vendor markets, workshops, pool parties, hospitality suites, room parties, bootblacks and huge dungeons!

    There is something lovely about pulling into a hotel and seeing many leather-clad folk inside and outside as you make your way through to your room and registrations. That the non leather folk are the unusual ones for the whole weekend, a kinky oasis. For many this event is an annual trip, and it's incredible seeing so many happy leather women and men cruising, flirting, talking and generally being fun and welcoming to everyone.

    It's not just for women! it was happily noted by a number of folks I spoke to that there were more men attending this year, and they were warmly welcomed, with a "Men Of IMsL" T-shirt even being available at registration. The Leather Archives and Museum were in attendance, and fundraising for the Women's Leather History Project and for the Leather Archives themselves. It was wonderful to see young leather folk actively wanting to know about their history.

    On Friday everything started in earnest. Workshops, parties and of course, the contests!

    International Ms Leather is wonderful in its ability to bring people from all over the world to attend and compete. This year's international contestant was Fiona Horsley from South Africa, who was competing in the IMsBB contest. An Aussie was on the judging panel for the IMsL Class, Ms Lydia Joie Divine (Ms Sydney Leather 2013/14), who when spoken to after the judging was completed said "It was a very hard choice, they are all wonderful competitors"

    The contestants in the each contest are judged by a group of judges, with Olympic style scoring, with IMSL and IMsBB having separate judging teams.

    The Ms Leather contestants are judged on an interview and short teaching presentation (40 points), hot-wear and pop question (10 points), fantasy performance (20 points), and speech and formal wear (20 points).

    Ms Bootblack contestants are judged on technical knowledge and skill (30 points), a personal interview (30 points), pop question and bootblack image (10 points), and speech and formal wear (20 points).

    The competition actually starts many weeks before the competition, from the moment contestants send their registration, with competitors given deadlines to get things sent back to the competition, and then they contestants are busy all weekend from the Thursday through to the Saturday late evening, with interviews, photos, appointments, silent auction arranging and so on. It is so much more than just a one night thing.

    The winners are announced on the Saturday night after the Pop Question and Fantasy section. The Winner of the International Ms Leather Title was Girl Complex, from Oakland, California, while the Winner of the International Ms Bootblack Contest was Elisa, from Detroit, Michigan.

    Hopefully we can get them to come and visit us here in Melbourne, like Sarge (IMsL 2015) and Meghan (IMsBB 2016) have done.

  • 27 Jan 2017 5:14 PM | Lee (Administrator)

    This Sunday is Midsumma's Pride March, and we're strong encouraging any member that wants to to march with us this year! This post is to prepare anyone who wishes to march on Sunday, so that things run as smoothly as possible!

    How to get there

    Due to the large crowds of people and less parking than usual due to the closure of Fitzroy St, we're strongly recommending people arrive by Public Transport if that's an option for you. The 3a, 16 and 96 trams will be running normal schedules until 1:30pm, after which they'll stop running down Fitzroy St until 5pm (although they will still run, please see this link for further details), and the Route 12 trams to Park St/Fitzroy St St Kilda will operate to a normal timetable. Please be aware that Fitzroy St will be closed between 1:00pm and 5:00pm, so people choosing to drive in should plan their routes accordingly. There is a drop off zone for people at the mustering area on Lakeside Dr (see the map below), but there is no official parking for marchers, so again, drivers plan accordingly.

    When & where to meet

    Our marching group will be in Wave C, Group 10 (so C10). All marchers will muster at the Oval nearest St Kilda Sport Club, near the corner of Lakeside Dr and Fitzroy St. You are NOT required to register yourself at the Sports Club this year, so simply head to the Oval and come and find us. There will be marshals on the day to help you find us, so if you do get lost feel free to ask a marshal!

    The VicLeather committee contact on the day will be Lee, so if you have any issues, you can give him a contact on his mobile, 0401 304 434. You can also contact him before the day on the same mobile, or email the committee at info@vicleather.org.au.

    All groups are required to be at Muster by 1:30pm, so please make sure to allow extra time so you can get there before the deadline, and Lee will be making sure he's at Muster by 12:15pm. To help you out, here's a map of the muster area:

    What to Bring & Wear

    We strongly encourage members marching with us to proudly wear their Leathers for this march, but wearing your Leathers is not required. If you're not wearing your leathers, we'd like to ask that you try to wear Leather colours (so Black, White, Red and Blue) to try and keep our section well-coordinated. Whatever you decide to wear for Pride March, please make sure that it is street legal.

    Current weather forecasts are saying that the weather on the day will be partly cloudy, with a top temperature of 28°C, although it appears that the march itself will be happening before the maximum is reached. We're recommending people bring their own water, and to stay sun smart - make sure to bring sunscreen! There will be places to refill drink bottles at the muster.

    You are welcome to bring Leather Flags if you have any, or anything else you'd like to use to celebrate (but again, keep it street legal), and we will have a number of flags available for people to carry on the day as well. Again, we'd recommend that people bring water, as conditions will be reasonably warm and there will be little shelter on the muster oval. Since we are marching, we'd recommend that you otherwise try to pack light for the day where possible.

    After the March

    After the march there will be an family event at Catani Gardens from around 3:30 onwards, which we'll be hanging around for. If you want to see us on the day but aren't up for marching, you're welcome to come find us at Catani Gardens. There will be food and music, so do come down and enjoy the festivities! Also, for those interested, one of our members Erin Kyan will be giving a short speech at the Gardens at around 4:25pm.

    We're looking forward to see our members at the March, or after the March! Again, if you have any concerns at all, please contact the committee at info@vicleather.org.au, or contact Lee on 0401 304 434. If you're planning to go to our January Gear Up tonight (Friday 27/01/17), Lee will also be on hand there to answer any questions you might have! We hope to see plenty of our members there!

  • 14 Dec 2016 10:12 PM | Lee (Administrator)

    It has recently been brought to light that News Corp is one of Midsumma Festival's Gold sponsors, and there has been a lot of talk in the LGBTIQA+ Communities about whether they were going to attend or support Midsumma.

    On December 7th, SameSame reported the following:

    Midsumma said in a media release: ‘Midsumma Festival would like to inform LGBTQIA+ communities that after robust consultation, Midsumma will continue the current media partnership with the Herald Sun and Leader publications for the remaining 2017 Festival period.’

    The Midsumma festival is one of VicLeather's favourite times of year. However, for the upcoming year (2017) we will not be running a stall at Midsumma Carnival as a response to the Midsumma Board keeping News Corp on as a Gold sponsor. After the way News Corp publications have attacked the Safe Schools program and other parts of the LGBTQIA+ Community in articles and commentary in the Herald Sun and other Leader publications, the standing Committee does not believe that we should be contributing money to Midsumma for 2017. The values of News Corp and VicLeather are not aligned.

    We will, however, be marching in Pride March as visibility within the greater community is an intrinsic part of VicLeather's goals. We are proud to wear our Leather, We are proud to create safe space for our leather community members to march with us, as Pride March is a celebration and is a political act in and of itself. The Leather community has often been the mortar to help others stand strong in the LGBTQIA+ Community and helping them feel safe. From Leather to Drag and all in between.

    If you are interested in marching with us at Pride March, Please email us info@vicleather.org.au.

  • 28 Jun 2016 7:48 PM | Hunter (Administrator)

    VicLeather Members, Please check your membership email with regards to our upcoming SGM.

    Date: Friday July 22nd 2016

    Location: Piercing HQ 1B/12 Hoddle St Abbotsford

    Time: 6.30pm for a 7pm sharp start

    We ask for your support and attendance at the SGM to implement this important change to the VLI constitution.

    It is our intention that this will be a short meeting in order to attend GearUp at the Yorkshire immediately following its completion.

    In Leather,

    The Vic Leather Committee

  • 11 Jun 2016 3:17 PM | Hunter (Administrator)

    Members, Please check your email to see if you have an email from us regarding log in details for our new website. If you don't, please check your spam folder/s and then get in contact with us at info@vicleather.org.au.

    In Leather,


  • 09 Jun 2016 12:41 PM | Hunter (Administrator)

    Winter is here! There is nothing like the scent of warm leather..... join your Leather Community for Dinner/Drinks by a warm fire on a cool winters night before heading out to the rest of your weekend! In Melbourne there is always a lot on for the kink community. 

    Gear Up is Vic Leather's once a month catch up for the Leather and Leather curious parts of the Kink community to meet and talk in a relaxed, easy atmosphere. All genders and sexualities welcome.

    if you are new and wishing to join us - look for the group of people in Leather, or the Leather Pride Flag.

    Where: The Yorkshire Stingo, Abbotsford. 48 Hoddle St.

    Wear: Leathers, Casual, Street Legal

    When: 24th june, from 7pm till 10ish

  • 02 Jun 2016 7:44 PM | Hunter (Administrator)

    Congratulations to all contestants, but especially to International Mr Leather 2016 David Bailey and 1st runner up Todd Harris.

    We are proud of all the Australian competitors for showing just how diverse and competent our kink  community is.

    To 'Daddy' Steve Morgan, we thank you for your representation; for Australia, for Vic Leather, for your title, and for the Melbourne leather community. You have done us all so proud! Congratulations on making the top 10! Congratulations on competing in an International Title. 
  • 22 May 2016 7:57 PM | Hunter (Administrator)

     Our primary fundraiser for the year was a resounding success. We are still finalising numbers - but we are super humbled at the money our members, new and old, donated. People bought new and 2nd hand gear, got their boots and leathers loved, ate sausages, got vac'd in the skyscraper and bought HEAPS of raffle tickets.

    Thank you to the Laird Hotel for hosting us for the afternoon, and opening their doors to all genders and making us so welcome at your awesome venue.

    Eagle Leather, Dykes on Bikes, Piercing HQ and OzKinkFest for your donations of amazing prizes for the raffle.

    Special thanks to Our Volunteer brigade that all selflessly gave of their time BBQ Team, Tin Rattlers, Bazaar team, The Bootblacks - Aimizuki, Rhys, SyrMaddog, Tim, KL and BoiAlex with a guest spot from our visitor current Sydney Bootblack 2015/16 Ben T, Photographers David Cooke and Andy, Vac Skyscraper Operator Melbound and his team, The Performers for entertaining us, Alex Vicia and Jennyredroses with their stunning rope work, and Master Jack and BoiAlex with their flogging demonstration, DJ Scruffy for his beats and of course our Femme Daddy MC Lisa-Skye for keeping us all on time and laughing. If I have forgotten anyone I truly apologise and thank you!

    This event couldn't have been achieved without my awesome committee; Bella, Darby, Moggy, Mike and Stu and our visiting project manager Annie, who worked their tails off to bring you this event so seamlessly.

    The Committee look forward to seeing our members at our Monthly Friday night get together, GEAR UP at Yorkshire Stingos on the 4th Friday of the month and at our next big event "Maskerade" our party later this year.

    In Leather,

    Hunter Bruin
  • 15 May 2016 2:46 PM | Erin (Administrator)

    VicLeather has a new website to coincide with our new membership management system! By moving to our new system, we will be able to handle VicLeather ongoing operations better than ever before!

    Membership management is a challenge in any organization, and we hope that by moving to this new system we will be able to serve our members better. If you are an existing VicLeather member and you have not yet received any login information for this new website, please send an email to info@vicleather.org.au so we can help you out.

    We hope you like the new web site, and if you're not already a member, we hope you'll consider joining us soon!

ABN: 91 670 478 614

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